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As Registered Dispensing Opticians we have a keen interest in spectacle lens design and we have more than 60 years of experience between us.  There has been a fantastic evolution in lens design and we endeavour to keep up to date with the latest bespoke designs. Here at Eye Design we choose our lenses for their quality as well as design. Manufacturers such as Nikon, Hoya, Essilor and other reputable brands have the state of the art research and development facilities, and are constantly striving to improve lens technology.

When we think of Nikon, we think of the finest cameras and lenses in the world, so why not in front of your eyes? Hoya is renowned for making camera filters and other optical equipment.

If you want the best personalised varifocal, then Nikon Presio Master, and Hoya Mystyle are the ones for you. With a standard lens, the wearer is required to move their head around to find the right spot. With these lenses the usable area of the lens is wider, allowing greater peripheral vision.

The lenses are manufactured to give the widest and most natural vision giving instant adaptability. These lenses are recommended for: Varifocal Wearers who demand the best vision and least amount of visual distortions from the lenses.

Modern lens manufacturers require more frame fitting measurements which are factored into the lens manufacture to give a more bespoke lens.


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As with any good varifocals, accurate measuring is a vital part of getting the optimum vision from your lenses. We have been using a digital measuring system for a number of years now and have recently upgraded to the new iPad version.

Occupational Lenses

Sometimes due to our lifestyle, occupation and work environment, varifocals do not always provide the best visual solution. Do you find that you have to crick your neck back to look at your screen with your varifocals? Do you find that your reading glasses only allow you a limited range of vision? Occupational lenses from Nikon and Hoya offer the ideal solution for working at a screen or around a work station. These lenses have many other uses and are excellent for many hobbies, electricians, plumbers, chefs, mechanics, dentists and many other professions.

Blue Control

Majority of modern screens, LED lights and energy saving bulbs emit blue light. Too much exposure to blue light can cause eye fatigue, migraines and in some cases insomnia. Blue control coatings filter a proportion of the blue light reducing glare and enhance contrast providing more comfortable and relaxed vision. We recommend this coating to all occupations involving screen use and people working in bright artificial lights.



We stock many designer brands, including Luxury Eyewear from Tiffany, Lindberg, Silhouette, Prada, Versace, Ray Ban and other well-known brands.

If you are bored with your ordinary frames then have a look at some of our more colourful and unusual frames from European Designers like, Pro Design, Woow, Gotti, Porsche Design, Tom Ford, Blackfin and OGA.

If you like designer looks but not at designer prices, then Wolf frames by an Independent British Designer, Ian Wolfenden are for you. Ian has extensive experience in the optical industry and understands frame couture. The collection has contemporary colours and styles to suit everyone. Also, we like to support a UK family business!