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Contact Lenses

Now is a good time to wear contact lenses!

Age is no barrier to contact lens wear, with the advent of new materials and lens types, people of all ages can wear contact lenses. The new Acuvue Daily Multifocal lenses are proving a hit with some of our new wearers.
Contact lenses are available for a variety of prescriptions. We have found that specialist contact lens supplier, Mark Ennovy can tailor make most contact lens prescriptions.

We recommend that all our contact lens wearers to join our Practice Plan. The Practice Plan is also available to spectacle wearers who wish to receive continual eye care and benefits that the plan offers.

Our full practice plan members will automatically have their contact lenses ordered providing all eye examinations and check-ups are up-to-date. We recommend regular examinations to ensure that your eyes are in good health to continue contact lens wear.

Eye Design Opticians are an accredited Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Centre of Excellence.

EyeDream Ortho-K Contact Lenses

We are also a specialist supplier of the Ortho-K lens; a revolutionary concept in contact lenses that are designed to be worn whilst sleeping, to re-shape the cornea of the eye and to eventually give sharp, clear daytime vision without the need for lenses! This breakthrough in lens technology is especially suitable for younger wearers, as it can arrest the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) and control it by just wearing the corrective Ortho-K lenses at night.

We fitted these lenses to Pooja (13), where she was getting more myopic every 6 months for the past year. She has been wearing the Ortho-K lenses for 4 months now. We have found that she does not have to wear her glasses during the day and there is an indication that her progression in myopia is slowing down.

This procedure we believe is relatively risk free, as the cornea reverts back to its original shape upon cessation of contact lens wear.

Visit the Ortho-K Website for more information

As a dancer, the wearing of glasses is impossible and wearing regular contact lenses can also still be uncomfortable and impractical. When offered these new lenses which are only worn when sleeping and taken out first thing in the morning, I jumped at the chance; it seemed they would solve all my problems. I now no longer have to worry of any sight issues, I can see really clearly when dancing for the first time.”

– Daisy